Current SMASA affiliation rules require:

  1. Application form filled out annually for the club
  2. A copy of the applying Club’s Constitution (or Certificate of Incorporation) presented on initial application
  3. No fee to be paid, affiliation is FREE! Click here for Affiliate Club Membership & Renewal Form

SMASA offers a variety of benefits, contact the Committee for further details.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Being part of a larger organisation and having a say in SMASA and Vehicle Enthusiast matters in South Australia
  • Priority given to Affiliated Clubs requesting sponsorship for hosting national events
  • Priority access for the inclusion of articles and events in the SMASA Newsletter (The Distributor)

Also for smaller clubs, it’s a great idea to utilise the monthly SMASA Cruises as your Club event/cruise for the month; less work for your Committee and you can advertise your own Club and potentially pick up new members along the way.

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