Registration SMASA

Ignorance of the rules is not a defence against prosecution if you break the rules –  YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW.

There are FOUR items required for your vehicle to be registered:

  1. Current Club Membership
  2. Current Log Book (Membership Year page is up to date)
  3. LogBook entry for the day – Day/Month/Year, journey description and signature in pen
  4. SA Government Registration fees paid and current

If anyone of the items are missing or not current, you are in breach of the Club Registration Scheme and face potential penalties commencing with a $750 fine.

More information is available in the Code of Practice

How to obtain SMASA Club Registration

  1. Your vehicle must be 30 years or older in the current calendar year
  2. Your vehicle must be in good, safe and roadworthy condition
  3. You are either a financial SMASA Member already or join at a Club Registration event
  4. Attend a Club Registration event and bring:
    1. Registration Details Certificate for vehicle ID details (VIN, engine number etc.)
    2. at least 4 pictures of the vehicle:
      1. Front 3/4 photo showing current number plate, front of the vehicle and one side
      2. Rear 3/4 photo showing the rear of the vehicle and opposite side to front shot
      3. Clear and well-lit engine bay shot
      4. Clear and well-lit interior shot of at least the front area (seats and dash)
  5. No physical inspection of the vehicle is required

SMASA DOES NOT keep copies of the pictures; pictures on phones and tablets are fine but must be of good quality.

Rego Photo Requirements