COVID-19 Membership Bus



Due to a “perfect storm” of COVID19 restrictions, an administrative error and miscommunication, volunteer workload has reached unmanageable levels and our stock of log books has run dry.

As a result we have no choice but to implement the following.

Prospective New Members -COVID-19 Membership

SMASA will not be processing new memberships with club registrations until further notice.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will keep everyone notified via Facebook and our website when we resume.

Renewing club membership and club registration – COVID-19 Membership

We have been advised by FHMC and DPTI that our plan to extend the life of log books that expire on June 30 2020 (refer photo below) will not be allowed, so our previous advice to continue using an expired log book is withdrawn. 

Using an expired log book for club registration trips is breaking the rules of the Code of Practice and if caught carries a minimum $750 fine.

We have worked with the FHMC and obtained more log books to get replacements for everyone and we have a SAPol approved plan for rego days to facilitate the log book changeovers.

Future events are to be advised.

The membership form for 2020 renewals is HERE

NOTE: no new memberships or additional new cars for existing members will be processed.

If your logbook has not expired the following process applies for renewals.

  1. Renewals will be restricted to ONLY 1 YEAR this year, a special form will be emailed to renewing members. If you are a current member, are due for renewal, and have not received a renewal form, contact us at
  2. A membership form needs to be completed and submitted via email or posted to SMASA. Remember to add your logbook numbers to the form as well to enable us to process your renewal
  3. Correct Membership fee(s) must be paid before the renewal will be processed
  4. Your logbook will not need to be updated if it does not expire on 30 June 2020 BUT YOU MUST carry proof of membership with you or with your logbook. Proof can either be your membership card or a printed copy of the receipt you get via email

Adding a new car to an existing membership – COVID-19 Membership

Due to the shortage of log books this is not possible at the moment. We will provide further updates here and on Facebook when log books are available.