COVID-19 Membership Bus


Prospective New Members -COVID-19 Membership

SMASA is now processing new memberships. Payment can be made by post or face to face as per below. At present there are no organised events, these will be advised once they are confirmed.

  • By post: download this FORM, complete it and either email and pay online or mail in your money order (details are in the form). Once you receive your membership card in the mail, contact one of the registration officers on the SMASA facebook page and organise a time to obtain your log book
  • Face to face: contact one of the registration officers on the SMASA facebook page and organise a time to obtain your log book. If completing and paying on the day please down the FORM, complete it and take it with you on the day

We offer multiple year membership that is best aligned with the log book. A new logbook lasts 3 years, if you pay 3 years we sign the logbook for 3 years. If you pay for 1 year you will need to attend a club registration event during April-June 2021 for membership renewal for 2021-2022 financial year. If the car is in joint names the second owner must be an associate member which is $20 per year.

For example, Joe wants to join for 3 years and has 2 cars.

  1. He completes the upper section of the membership form including all his details. He then completes the lower section and writes $120 in the TOTALS column for FULL MEMBERSHIP for 3 years. Next he adds the total for his first car’s log book for 3 years and writes $60 in the TOTALS section corresponding to that line. He then adds the total for his second car’s log book for 3 years and writes $30 in the TOTALS section corresponding to that line. Next he adds in any other requirements under the TOTALS column e.g. hard copy of SMASA newsletter. Next Joe adds up all the entries in the TOTALS column and writes that number next to the TOTAL at the bottom of the TOTALS column which will be $120 for membership, $60 for his first car, $30 for his second car; the total being $210
  2. NOTE: if Joe’s cars are in joint names the second owner needs to be an associate member ($20 per year) and he would write the joint owner’s name in the top section. Joe would then add $60 under the TOTALS column for the associate member row and also add that to the overall total
  3. Finally, Joe checks his form to ensure all required sections are completed and he has written an amount under the TOTAL section and signs and dates the form. He makes his payment using the bank details on the membership form and emails the form as per the instructions or posts the form including money order. Joe needs to ensure he has attached a HEADSHOT photo for his membership card
  4. Once his membership card arrives he can contact a registration officer via SMASA facebook page and organise a time to have his MR334 form and log book completed. He needs to ensure he takes the registration papers  which contain the engine and chassis number (where applicable) as well as 4 photos per car (front 3/4 photo showing current number plate, front of vehicle and one side; rear 3/4 photo showing the rear of the vehicle and opposite side to the front shot; clear and well lit engine bay photo; clear and well lit interior shot of a least the front area (seats and dash))

Once Joe has completed all the above he needs to attend a Services SA location with his MR334 form and car registration forms to register his cars under the Club Registration scheme. The cost of registering each car is in addition to the Club Membership fees and paid direct to Service SA. Once he has completed all these steps he can legally drive his cars ensuring he completes TRIP entries in his log book for each journey. Joe now has membership until June 2023.

Renewing club membership and club registration – COVID-19 Membership

UPDATED 18 July 2020: NEXT REGO DAY- Saturday 8 August 2020 at Royal Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville from 10am to 3pm. Bookings are on Eventbrite HERE. Morning sessions will be listed first and later time-slots released as they fill.

This will be members’ last chance to renew, grace period will be extended and late fees waived up until that date. Members who cannot make it in person can send a friend or relative to have their log book updated. No processing of new members or new car regos, if there is low demand closer to this date we may change that.

Bookings will be released on Eventbrite closer to the date. Refer to SMASA facebook for regular updates.

We have been advised by FHMC and DPTI that our plan to extend the life of log books that expire on June 30 2020 (refer photo below) will not be allowed, so our previous advice to continue using an expired log book is withdrawn. 

Using an expired log book for club registration trips is breaking the rules of the Code of Practice and if caught carries a minimum $750 fine.

We have worked with the FHMC and obtained more log books to get replacements for everyone and we have a SAPol approved plan for rego days to facilitate the log book changeovers.

If you have not renewed you can contact a registration officer via the SMASA facebook page to organise a face to face meeting. The membership form for 2020 renewals is HERE . Please print out, complete and take with you on the day.

Country members: you have a snail-mail option or send an email to to get contact details for rego officers in these country areas:

  • Millicent (South East)
  • Port Pirie
  • Roxby Downs, Andamooka & Woomera
  • Glencoe, South East
  • Moonta/Kadina

If your logbook has not expired you can do the following or contact a registration officer via the SMASA facebook page to organise a face to face meeting.

  1. A form has been emailed to renewing members. If you are a current member, are due for renewal, and have not received a renewal form, download this FORM
  2. A membership form needs to be completed and submitted via email or posted to SMASA. Remember to add your log book numbers to the form as well to enable us to process your renewal
  3. Correct Membership fee(s) must be paid before the renewal will be processed
  4. Your log book will not need to be updated if it does not expire on 30 June 2020 BUT YOU MUST carry proof of membership with you or with your log book. Proof can either be your membership card or a printed copy of the receipt you get via email